Try some great at home exercise classes and exercise breaks from your bp Fitness Staff.
Have a look and get ready to sweat! 
Our On-demand fitness videos are intended for bp fitness members only. If interested in bp fitness membership (free)--please contact Tara Evans.
Pilates Class with Kirie - 45 min
Pilates Tone and Strengthen - 45 min
Pilates Core and Tighten - 45 min
Pilates Strong and Stable - 45 min
Hatha Yoga with MT -  60 min
More Yoga with MT!
​​​​​​Yoga with Siew-Bee!
  Power Yoga with Kirie - 45min
  ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​1/10/22


HIIT Workouts!
HIIT Strength with Shavonna - 16 min
Dumbbell Superset Workout with Stephen - 24 min
Low Impact HIIT with Quinn - 11 min
Zumba Express Recap 5.4.2021
Zumba Express Recap 4.27.2021
Zumba Express Recap 4.20.2021
Zumba Express Recap 4/16/2021
Recap Zumba Express 4/6/2021
3/30/21 Live Zumba Recap
Music and motion!
Dancing and sweating!
Working out to the beat!

All of the BP Fitness on demand classes are eligible for wellbeing points!