Things You Need To Know About Our 
BP Group Exercise Program

  • All classes are included with your membership.
  • You may take classes at both locations.
  • You do not have to sign up for class ahead of time.
  • Please arrive early or on time for class.  Do not enter a class if it has been in session for 10 minutes or longer.
  • Please notify the instructor if you have any injuries or health concerns which might impact your ability to participate.
  • Please always be aware of other participants around you.
  • Please wear appropriate workout attire and non-marking athletic shoes. The instructor will let you know if a class does not require shoes.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes or strong-smelling deodorants.
  • Class participants should come prepared with a workout towel andplenty of water.  Towels are available in the locker rooms.
  • Please keep drinks in a spill-proof bottle.
  • Please keep gym bags and/or other possessions stored in a locker.
  • The group fitness stereo is to be operated by BP Fitness staff only.
  • Please keep talking to a minimum during class and refrain from using head phones while participating in a group fitness class.
  • Please follow the instructors lead as they will always include modifications.
  • After each class, please wipe off bikes, seats, handlebars, mats and any sweat off the floor.    
  • Please return any equipment used to the proper location before  leaving the room. 
  • If you find it necessary to leave class early, please advise the instructor that you will be leaving early.  Please exit the class in a manner that does not disturb the rest of the class.  Ensure that you cool down and stretch out on your own, as this is one of the most    important and beneficial components of exercise allowing a safe  recovery from your workout.
  • Group fitness schedules and instructors are subject to change at the last minute when necessary.  (inclement weather, instructor illness etc.)
  • Class cancellation may occur in extreme situations.