Well My Weigh!

Keeping fit over the Holidays!

The bp fitness staff has the holiday fitness plan for you!


Join the bp Fitness Center for Well My Weigh in person or virtually. Let's maintain our weight over the holidays--Thanksgiving through the New Year!   

Register on the Flex portal. All active members uses their emails for the username and created their own password. If you do not remember your password email bpfitness1@bp.com and we will reset the password to our generic password.

In Flex you will put in your initial weight and a goal. Each week go into your Flex portal and add in your weight. It will show a progress bar.   

With this program there is also 10 different support groups that you can sign up for. We will not monitor the groups. This is peer led with supporting each other with like minded goals and activities.   
Support Groups 
  • ​​​​​​​​The Last 10 – wanting to lose last 10 pounds or less
  • Keep-it-off Club – stay motivated to keep weight off
  • Yoga is my Flow – all yoga enthusiasts
  • Pump it Up – for muscle conditioning
  • Goin’ the Distance – about endurance-biking to running to swimming and beyond
  • Walking Warriors – for walkers
  • Plant Strong – Vegetarians or anyone wanting to add more fruits and vegetables to their diet
  • Foodies – swap favorite recipes
  • Motivators – encourage others and be encouraged
  • True to the Core – share ideas and motivate others to build a stronger midsection
Below is a link to Healthy Nutrition options:
(also can pick up a handout in the gym)

Healthy Breakfast Ideas, Lunch Ideas, Snacks, & Exercising while Travel

Download File

Well My Weigh Nutrition Guide

Download File

Well My Weigh Workout Guide

Download File
7-Weeks of Yeti-ness!! 

Submit your weight in the your Flex portal each week to be put in for the weekly prize drawings. The activities are a bonus each week to keep you active and engaged. 
Holiday Trivia
Mon 11/21 - Fri 11/25

Participants can still register by Wed Nov 23rd
Weigh in starts on flex this week
  • We will start off with some fun holiday movie workouts to do over Thanksgiving week so you don't feel too guilty eating all of that yummy Turkey, dressing and pies
  • Get with family or friends and have movie nights with adding a fun workout!
  • If you are not into the holiday movies--try this fun alphabet workout. Make your own workout with using your name or fun holiday words 
  • To be put into the weekly prize drawing
    • make sure you input your weight in Flex
    • also if you email bpfitness1@bp.com with completing one of the workouts then you get your name in twice

The Grinch movie workout 
How many sets of each did you during the movie?

If you want a real quickie workout try this routine with the 30 minute original Grinch cartoon! 
Holiday Movie Workout
Have fun with this holiday movie workout. Use this routine on any holiday movie you watch. 

How many total can you do during a holiday movie?  

Elf Movie Workout
Try this fun workout while watching The Elf. How many burpees did you do?

Alphabet Workout
Here is another fun workout to try this week at home if you don't want to do the holiday movie workouts.
Create different words such as your full name.

Move to Remove the Gobble

Mon 11/28 - Fri 12/2

Strava is a great app to use if you are active with running, walking, cycling or any type of cardio activity. It will show the route you took outside along with time and miles. We use the app for many different programs such as the Fall Run Series, Cyclemania and even the Million Meters in May. There is also many groups you can be part of in the app especially within the bp fitness center.
  • To be put into the weekly prize drawing
    • make sure you input your weight in Flex
    • also if you email bpfitness1@bp.com with completing the Reindeer run/walk then you get your name in twice
      • If you do the run/walk at Energy Park or on your virtually-you will get the credit 
                                  Reindeer Run/Walk

Join the bp fitness center at Energy Park on Dec 1st at 11:30am to run or walk a 5k (3.1 miles). We will start under the pavilion at Energy Park going through Terry Hershey park. 

We had 35 people come out and run/walk and about 5 virtual runners or walkers.

Thank you donating toys for the Child Advocacy charity.  

Group Fitness
The Gift of Fitmas! Positive Vibes!
Mon 12/5 - Fri 12/9 

Participate in our Group Fitness classes either in person or virtually. 
Try a different style of class you've never done before or try a class for the first ti
All classes -- In person and virtual will take a break for the holidays from 12/19 - 1/2
  • To be put into the weekly prize drawing
    • make sure you input your weight in Flex
    • also if you email bpfitness1@bp.com with participating in the Yoga Flow pop-up class then you get your name in twice

Join Kirie on Tuesday Dec 6th at 12:00pm for a special Yoga Flow pop-up class

We had 12 people outside on the lawn for Kirie's class. Everyone had a great time.


Mon 12/12 - Fri 12/16

Let's Gobble up Healthy Delicious Recipes

  • This week we are focusing on Nutrition
  • We can enjoy the holiday season with healthier recipe versions of our favorite foods. 
  • Let's share our favorite holiday recipe with each other--be it healthy or just yummy! 
    • We have recipe cards in the fitness centers to write in your recipe
    • Check out the Nutrition recipe page under the Well My Weigh tab

Nutrition Webinar

Virtually on Teams with Dietiian Karleigh Jurek on Thursday Dec 15th at 11:30
If you are not able to attend we will record the session
  • To be put into the weekly prize drawing
    • make sure you input your weight in Flex
    • also if you email bpfitness1@bp.com with that you watch the nutrition webinar 

“Fact or Fiction. Holiday nutrition edition”

Are you worried about maintain your health goals during the holidays? Or you’ve heard tips for navigating the holidays that seem a little bizarre? Join Registered Dietitian Karleigh Jurek to learn some fact or fiction for the holidays. She’ll address some of the most popular tips and whether they’re true. 

Thank you to everyone that attended the nutrition webinar on Teams. We had 98 people logged on.

Here is the link for Karleigh's nutrition talk if you were not able to attend




        Mon 12/19 - Fri 12/23     

Here is a great holiday workout in the Volt app.

If you don't have the app on your phone then check out the Volt page here on the website under the home tab. If you need help then e-mail bpfitness1@bp.com

  •  To be put into the weekly prize drawing make sure you input your weight in Flex
  • Also if you email bpfitness1@bp.com with completing the Volt workout or your own Volt routine for the week then you get your name in twice

5 Days of Staff Fitmas 

Mon 12/26 - Fri 12/30 


Happy Holidays!! 
Try these great staff inspired workout routines. We have workouts for each day of the week. We even have a Christmas bonus workout to complete! 
  • To be put into the weekly prize drawing
    • make sure you input your weight in Flex
    • also if you email bpfitness1@bp.com with completing one workout then you get your name in twice

Happy Holidays
This workout from Tara will have you spell out and workout HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Run through this routine one time and if you feel good then do it again. Enjoy! 

H - 20 lunges      
A - 30 squats           
P - 10 jumping jacks 
P - 10 jumping jacks   
Y - 20 crunches
H - 20 lunges
O - 10 mountain climbers
L - 20 tricep dips
I - 10 jumping jacks
D - 10 burpees
A - 30 squats
Y - 20 crunches
S - 10 push-ups  
This day workout routine is from Stephen.

Click on the link and get motivated with Stephen on a great strength routine.

Lauren has a great workout routine for you to do! 

Ab & Plank Workout

1 min Hand Plank

30 sec. Elbow Plank

30 sec. Bicycle Crunch

20 sec. Leg Lifts

20 sec. Toe Touch Crunch

30 sec. Mt. Climbers

20 sec. (each side) Side Plank

30 sec. X-Climbers

20 sec. Crunch & Kickout

20 sec. Sit-ups

30 sec. Russian Twist

30 sec. Hand Plank

1 min Elbow Plank

Here we have a great workout from Christa for you to try.

Equipment: Medium size dumbbells or bodyweight

AMRAP in 20 minutes:

  • 10 DB front squats - (bodyweight squats)
  • 10 DB walking lunges
  • 20 DB calf raises
  • 10 DB bent over back rows - (superman)
  • 10 DB lateral raises - (plank shoulder taps)
  • 10 DB overhead shoulder raises - (push-ups)
  • 5 rounds of 30 seconds each:
  • Plank mountain climbers
  • Lying down leg lifts
Try this Iron Elf workout from Josh
Check out Eddie's Full Body Tone It Up routine.

3 sets each exercise

  • Single-arm medicine ball push-up (alternating) - 10-15 reps each arm
  • Iso Superman – 45-60 seconds
  • DB RDL + Shoulder Shrug – 10-15 reps
  • Donkey kick w/ resistance band – 10-15 each leg
  • Kettle bell swing – 45-60 seconds (if no KB then use DB)
  • Body weight reverse crunch – 45-60 seconds
  • DB side lunge & press – 10-15 rep each leg
  • Hip Airplane – 10-15 rep each leg
Mon 1/2 - Fri 1/6
Happy New Year 2023!!
Let's kick off the new year with another Volt work out
  • To be put into the weekly prize drawing
    • make sure you input your weight in Flex
    • also if you email bpfitness1@bp.com with completing the workout or your own Volt routine for the week then you get your name in twice

Next week is the final week to submit your weight
We will close out on Fri Jan 15th