The bp Fitness Center is a Members Only facility

  • All members must first go through an enrollment process before being able to use the facility
    • ​​​​​​​use of facility includes locker rooms,  waiting area, offices and all others areas inside of the facilities
  • No guests allowed
  • No children allowed
  • All members must scan in when using the facility

Locker room

  • Please do not use aerosol sprays of any kind. They are prohibited on the BP Westlake Campus and can irritate or cause reactions in your fellow members.
  • Lockers are for gym session use only.  We simply do not have enough lockers for everyone to leave their bags during the day or overnight. Left bags and other items will be removed daily.
  • Be secure. Always lock your locker and protect your belongings. The Fitness Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  Lock up especially during peak hours.
  • Be sure you remember your locker number and code.
  • Pick up after yourselves. Use the towel drops and trash cans. 
  • Be safe by watching out for open locker doors and trip and slip hazards.
  • Minimize clutter - Sneakers, gym bag and laptops don’t all deserve a spot on the bench.
  • Share equipment; let others work in between your sets.

     Exercise Floor

  • Please wear appropriate exercise clothing while using the bp Fitness Center (athletic shorts, pants, t-shirts, athletic footwear, etc.). Shirts should be worn at all times while exercising. No bare midriff tops or thong shorts.
  • Please bring a water bottle with you. You can fill it in the Fitness Centers and help the environment.
  • Use safety clamps/collars on free weight bars. 
  • Clean up after yourself. Wipe down benches, machines and mats after use. The Fitness Center has cleaning wipes located throughout the facilities—please use.
  • Put your weights and equipment back where they belong.
  • Limit cell phone use in the facility and please keep your voice down.
  • Avoid dropping/dumping heavy weights and excessive grunting.
  • Report broken equipment
  • Lost and found - if you are missing any shoes, pants, workout shirts, toiletries, bike helmets, jewelry, gloves, etc., please check with a Fitness Staff member about locating your missing item in the lost and found. The Fitness Center is not responsible for any lost or missing items.