Spartan Workouts

The Spartan Challenge 
The 2020 Spartan Challenge will begin on Monday February 3rd and ends Friday February 29th. Each week will bring a new workout! You can check out the webpage, yammer, whiteboard in the gym, or your email if you have participated for weekly workout updates! Please note: You WILL be able to back track (ex. On week 3 you can do week 1's workout). 
Spartan Classes! If you want to learn the proper technique and form of the exericises in each workout you may attend any of the classes below!
Helios (Classes will be in the Functional Training Room):
No longer happening
WL1 (Classes will be on the Octagon):
No longer happening
Participants that are 55+ will be competing in their own category! Please take not of all wieghts listed as M+ or F+ as those are the weights or modifications to use!

The Workouts:

Week 1: Madness? This is Fitness! 
15 Minute AMRAP 
Deadlifts x 5
Burpees x 10
KB Swings x 12

Most rounds wins!

Download the prescribed weights for each category and some pictures showing form here!

Download File
Week 2: The Spartan Mindset

20 Mins on the Assault Treadmill (M+/F+ Elliptical)
20 Mins on the Rower

Farthest distance wins!
(The 20 minute sessions do NOT need ot be completed in one workout)

Download the workout and demonstrations here!

Download File
Week 3: The Strength of Leonidas!
1 Rep Max testing
Squat 1RM
Bench 1RM
Deadlift 1RM

Highest WILKS total wins! (WILKS is a bodyweight to weight lifted ratio to judge fairly)

Download the correct form and photos here!

Download File
Week 4: The Final Battle
4, 5 minute AMRAPs with 1 minute rest in between
SA KB Cleans x 8 E (M: 35, F: 20) (M+: 20, F+: 10)
Wall Balls x 15 (M: 25, W: 15) (M+: 15, F+: 10)
Push Ups (M: Strict, F: On knees) (M&F+: Hands on a box that is hip height)

Most rounds total wins!